Kosciuszko Mt Lee Walkway

SectorBoardwalks and Bridges 
Project NameKosciuszko Mt Lee Walkway
LocationMt Kosciuszko, NSW
ClientSteelworks Engineering
Completion DateApril 2019
Project DescriptionInstallation of walkway and control of on-site activities

The Snowies Iconic Walk project in Kosciuszko National Park is a proposed 44 kilometre walk across the park’s alpine area which will traverse the summit of Mount Kosciuszko, showcasing spectacular views, and includes the linking of existing local services and walking trails. The project aims to protect the unique environment and local habitats by the construction of sustainable facilities that will minimise erosion and through the anticipated reduction of overcrowding.

The first stage of the Iconic Walk included upgrades and realignment of approximately 2.1 kilometres of the Main Range Walk to avoid windswept feldmark critically endangered ecological community. Roman Contractors was engaged by Steelworks Engineering to install the walkway and control all on-site activities for this project.  The project involved the construction of 1740 metres of elevated steel mesh walkway (comprising of steel mesh, RHS, angles and columns), and 415 metres of stone pitching on the existing track at Kosciuszko National Park.  The stone pitching section was completed by Roman Contractors’ sub-contractor Jindabyne Landscapes.

Care was taken throughout the project by Roman Contractors to ensure all staff were aware of the unique environmental factors present, and as such, all staff were trained in weed identification by the NPWS, and in the ‘Working around Aircraft Course’. Prior to arriving on site, all vehicles were thoroughly cleaned and in good operating condition free of any oil or fluid leaks which could potentially contaminate the sensitive environment.

Roman Contractors successfully completed the project to a high standard and within the strict project timeframes, which were dictated by the access restrictions in place due to seasonal weather conditions. The elevated walkway will have environmental benefits for the Kosciuszko National Park, including to help preserve surrounding habitats whilst visitors can enjoy the region‘s natural beauty. It is also anticipated that the project will also have economic, social and health benefits for the local area.