Paterson River Flood Remediation

SectorFlood Remediation
Project NamePaterson River Flood Remediation Sites 6 and 7
LocationPaterson, NSW
ClientNSW Public Works Advisory
Completion DateSeptember 2017
Project DescriptionRestoration of river bank

Roman Contractors was engaged as Principal Contractor by the NSW Public Works Advisory to restore two individual sites located in Dunns Creek, on the bank of the Paterson River.  The project forms part of the overarching Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme that was built following a devastating Hunter Valley flood in 1955, and has been designed to reduce the effects of flood damage.

As part of the restoration of the riverbank sites, Roman Contractors was required to undertake foundation stripping and preparation, and remove slumped material from the river using specialised long-reach excavators. The restoration works also included slope re-shaping and general earthworks, construction and shaping of terrace and river bank restoration using approximately 20,000 tons of rockfill for toe scour protection, and slope revetment and protection works which were over 500 metres long. Roman Contractors constructed approximately two kilometres of temporary access roads to the work areas and extended the existing flood gate as part of the works.

Given the location of the riverbank sites was on private commercial farming property, great care was taken to minimise any inconvenience to the land owners and their operations. All works carried out by Roman Contractors were completed to a very high standard, having regard to relevant environmental protection matters including soil erosion control works, tree protection and revegetation works. The project was successfully completed within the assigned time frames and budget.

The restoration of the sites on the Paterson River as part of the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation Scheme will ensure that the Scheme’s system of floodgates, levees and drains, can continue to effectively reduce flood damage and provide protection to the local community in the Hunter Valley, including in rural and city areas.