Tweed Landslip Repairs

SectorFlood Remediation 
Project NameMajor Flood Repair Work – Landslip Repairs Bundle 6
LocationBurringbar, NSW
ClientTweed Shire Council
Completion DateSeptember 2018
Project DescriptionDesign and construct slope stabilisation at 8 sites

Tweed Shire Council engaged Roman Contractors to design and construct slope stabilisation on eight landslip sites throughout the areas of Cudgera Creek, Burringbar and Upper Burringbar that occurred as a result of ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March 2017.

The majority of the landslide sites were situated within steeply sloping residual topography. Each of the landslides on the respective sites occurred in various ways, therefore the method of construction required to achieve slope stabilisation was different for all sites. As part of the project, Roman Contractors installed perimeter fencing and barriers, traffic management devices and temporary environmental management controls for each site. Some examples of the methods used for the slope stabilisation of the sites included batter protection by installation of gabions, rock fill foundation, excavating a key into the foundation to provide toe restraint, placement of geofabric, placement of boulders and cobbles, drilling and installing soil nails, and placing TECMAT and stainless steel TECCO mesh over slope face fastening to the nails and boundary ropes using TECCO system spikes. The project required Roman Contractors to select and engage a structural engineer to design the rectification methods for the sites and a piling subcontractor to install piles for two of the sites.

Roman Contractors carefully considered environmental factors throughout this project, and implemented effective environmental management practices to address the risks identified after a thorough assessment of site conditions. To prevent any sediment from leaving the work area and entering the drainage system which could cause the inadvertent pollution of the local waterways and storm water drain systems, Roman Contractors implemented sediment control processes, which included returning spoil to the excavation on a daily basis, protecting the spoil from runoff, and securing spoil around the perimeter and any nearby drainage systems.

Roman Contractors successfully completed this project by properly coordinating work teams to ensure maximum efficiency and to meet completion deadlines across the eight project sites.